HOPE Crisis Fund

At San Francisco State, students from all walks of life strive to obtain academic success. A crisis may be an unexpected life event or a circumstance that occurs in an unforeseen manner (out of the control of the student), that can derail hope and leave a student in a critical situation.

To help students manage unexpected crisis situations, San Francisco State has established the San Francisco State HOPE Crisis Fund (HOPE = Help, Opportunity & Pathway to Empowerment), a fund that assists students with financial support when they need it most. This fund supports students who are undergoing a crisis that leaves them in a situation that is beyond their control. Receiving help from the HOPE Crisis Fund could be the deciding factor that allows a student to stay on track to graduation. Students who receive assistance will realize that they’re not alone, that someone cares. 

The monies awarded shall be determined by the appropriate DOS administrator and is based on the funding available at the time of the request. 

To learn more, visit the HOPE Crisis Fund webpage.