Gator Crisis Housing

Gator Crisis Housing is a program of SF State’s Basic Needs Initiatives that provides eligible students experiencing a temporary and unexpected housing emergency with a short-term stay on campus. This critical resource aims to prevent student homelessness, support retention, and elevate student success.


Eligible students can stay in Gator Crisis Housing for up to 21 days in a calendar year. Gator Crisis Housing is a short-term resource equipped to support students experiencing a temporary and unexpected housing emergency. Services run during academic semesters and summer sessions.

Two Gator Crisis Housing apartments are equipped with a full kitchen, community living room, 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms with 4 beds each. If all beds are full, a waitlist is maintained.

*Gator Crisis Housing has been reduced to ensure COVID-19 safety precaution.*

Yes, students placed in Gator Crisis Housing are offered a meal plan to City Eats for the duration of their stay. Additionally, each apartment is equipped with a full kitchen. Students are encouraged to access Gator Groceries during their stay.

Students can request to be screened for a Gator Crisis Housing placement by emailing

To be eligible for Gator Crisis Housing a student must be currently enrolled at least half time and be experiencing a temporary and unexpected housing emergency that can be resolved within 21 days. Gator Crisis Housing can host individual students only and is not equipped to accommodate families. Unfortunately, Gator Crisis Housing is not equipped to resolve housing insecurity or homelessness that will take longer than 21 days to resolve. Additional eligibility requirements apply.

For additional questions about Gator Crisis Housing or basic needs resources please contact Assistant Director of Basic Needs Initiatives, Jewlee Gardner at