Shower and Lockers Access at SF State

The Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) is committed to providing shower access for students who rely on the facility to attend to personal hygiene.

MWC showers and lockers are fully available for eligible students. You can learn more about student memberships here. The majority of SF State students pay into a Recreation & Wellness Fee within their tuition and fees unless they are part of CEL or American Language Institution. Students not charged the Rec & Wellness Fee will be required to purchase a semester membership ($185 for Fall 2022).

Members who wish to use the showers or personal care facilities do not need a reservation and can use their One Card or the SFSU MWC app to enter the facility. Gender-inclusive restroom showers are available, in addition to the locker room showers. Towels are handed out and returned to the front desk. Lockers must be emptied before closure.

Need a Food+Shelter+Success personal care kit? You can pick one up at the Health Promotion & Wellness Office during business hours.


Stack of towels on a table