Financial Crisis Support

HOPE Response Team (Financial Crisis Support)

HOPE connects SF State students experiencing a financial crisis, that could potentially derail their educational success, with resources, referrals, and solution pathways. HOPE’s goal is to help students overcome an unexpected financial crisis and remain on track to graduate. 

HOPE is a collaboration between the Dean of Students Office, Financial Aid and Food+Shelter+Success, SF State’s Basic Needs Initiative.

SF State students can request financial crisis support by submitting a request form.


HOPE provides support based on a student’s individual needs. Common support includes:

  • One-time emergency funding
  •  Referrals to on-and-off campus departments, programs and resources
  •  Support navigating University barriers

Please note HOPE emergency funding provides small, one-time awards.

We encourage all SF State students in need to reach out for support.

Basic eligibility requirements for most services include:

  • A student must be enrolled at SF State University in the current, or upcoming semester
  • A student must be experiencing an unexpected financial crisis, that has the potential to derail their educational opportunities
  • A student must explore other forms of support or resolution prior to requesting HOPE support
  • Other eligibility requirements may apply

Though not all applicants will qualify for emergency funding, the HOPE Response Team will work to ensure students are connected with meaningful resources.

SF State students can request financial crisis support by submitting a request form.

HOPE requests are reviewed every Thursday in the order received. Please submit your request by 5 pm on Wednesday to ensure it is reviewed that week.

The HOPE Team will make every effort to respond to students in a timely manner.

If you are experiencing a crisis that needs immediate attention, for example, you do not have a safe space to sleep tonight, please email