Our Staff

Steph Porcell

Stephanie Porcell (she/her/hers)

Student Housing Stability Coordinator, Providing Assistance to Housing Solutions (PATHS) Program

Steph believes in the power of every student, and is honored to be a direct, authentic, and safe support to those navigating housing crises. Informed by her intersections as a queer, mixed latinx with lived experience, she strives to be a visible provider that advocates for a trauma informed, strength based, and cohesive higher ed community united in our efforts to holistically combat housing instability. 

Fun Fact: Steph was a previous staff member with EOP & the Guardian Scholars Program, and has a dog daughter/ESA named Riley. 

Email: sporcell@sfsu.edu



Sara Flynn (she/her/hers)

Basic Needs Programs Coordinator

Sara works to support the SF State community in accessing basic needs resources on campus. She believes in the power and importance of uplifting student voices and is excited to facilitate an equitable environment to learn, grow, and thrive in higher education.

Fun fact: Sara enjoys spending time in parks, going to concerts, and is always happy to get recommendations for cafes and restaurants to try!

Email: saraflynn@sfsu.edu

Diana Cardenas

Diana Cardenas (she/her/hers)

CalFresh Outreach Coordinator

Diana Cardenas works to promote SF State's Food+Shelter+Success Basic Needs Initiative and its response to food insecurity among students through the CalFresh Program. She believes that student's food security status is essential to student mental health, academic success, and overall well-being!

Fun Fact: Diana enjoys making Polymer Clay and Resin earrings in her spare time! And her favorite time to go grocery shopping is at night!

Contact: dycardenas@sfsu.edu


Ryan Farquhar, MPH RDN (he/him/his)

Ryan Farquhar, MPH RDN (he/him/his)

Health Communications Specialist, Food+Shelter+Success

Ryan works to promote and de-stigmatize access to basic needs resources through community outreach and communication. He believes in raising student voices and sharing information to advocate for systemic change, health equity, and holistic healing.

Fun Fact: Ryan balances his free time between being an active naturalist and catching up on his video games backlog.

Email: rfarquhar@sfsu.edu


Director of FSS

Christopher Lujan, M.S. (he/him/his)

Director, Food+Shelter+Success

Christopher is dedicated to providing support services that promote food, housing, and financial security for students at SF State. He believes that access to basic needs initiatives provide an opportunity for equitable access to educational success.

Fun Fact: Christopher once went to school to be a musical theatre actor.

Email: christopherlujan@sfsu.edu 

Josey Miele (she/her/hers)

Josey Miele (she/her/hers)

Josey Miele (she/her/hers)

Off-Campus Housing Coordinator

Josey works to guide students through skill building, resources, and one-on-one services to attain off-campus housing in the San Francisco rental market and achieve stability while pursuing higher education. She believes that equitable access to housing and basic needs are fundamental human rights that must be better strengthened in communities where holistic wellness if often not the primary focus.

Fun fact: Josey’s favorite natural phenomenon that she got to experience was swimming in the ocean during bioluminescence!