Money Management & Budgeting

Money management is an important aspect of stabilizing food, housing and basic needs. Check out these resources to learn more about maximizing your financial assets!


Most of all, check out ! This is a financial wellness tool for students to learn more about inflation, taxes, retirement, debt, credit score, and other financial literacy topics. There are also tools to search for employment opportunities, scholarships, and managing your debt. Register now for a chance to win airpod pros during the 22-23 school year!


Keeping track of your money and setting budget goals can be easier when you have technology lending a helping hand. Check out  these 9 Budgeting Apps for College Students or these 5 Budget Apps for College Students for information about budgeting apps.

Sometime having an old fashion budget worksheet can help keep you on track with spending. Check out these templates:

 Budget tracking is not a one size fits all system. Check out these YouTubers spins on creative budgeting using the Cash Envelope System and Calendar Budgeting.

Sometimes getting a grip on your finances takes more than just a budget excel. Check out this article that outlines 13 Free Classes to Help You Manage Your Personal Finances.

Credit can be intimidating, but practicing credit building techniques throughout your college career can help you graduate with better credit. Check out this article about building credit in college

Let’s be real, learning to budget is a great skill but if you are struggling to cover your monthly expenses, it may not feel helpful. That’s where Food+Shelter+Success can help!

Check out these resources that can help you maximize your resources and alleviate funds in your budget: