Emergency Meals

Emergency Meal Card Program – On-Campus Use:

This community meal-sharing program helps elevate student food security by providing free meals at City Eats Dining Hall to SF State students facing barriers accessing enough food.

Update: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2022 IS THE LAST DAY TO RECEIVE A MEAL CARD FOR THE FALL SEMESTER. Due to staff capacity, we will not offer meal cards during finals week. The Meal Card program will resume during Spring Semester

Update: As of November 16, 2022. The Meal Card Program is back! No appointments are necessary for the remainder of the semester. Just walk-in, fill out a short assessment, and get approved/denied on the spot.


  • Meal cards are reserved for students who currently do not have adequate access to food.
  • Students can receive a max of two cards per semester and additional cards, please fill out the Basic Needs Request Form and let us know why you're requesting more.
  • Meal cards expire at the end of the semester
  • Meal cards hold ten meals and can only be used at City Eats on campus

For information, email BasicNeeds@sfsu.edu.


The Meal Card Program is back in business for the Fall 2022 semester!

For the remainder of the semester, no appointments are necessary, just walk in to our office and fill out a short assessment to get approved/denied on the spot.

Please note that this is a limited resource since we are facing much higher demand than previous semesters. Thank you for your understanding!

(Updated 11/15/2022)

Fill out this Basic Needs Request Form. And we will assess depending on level of need, financial circumstances, and other eligibility criteria.

Our primary criteria for evaluating requests for Grocery Cards are: if the student is facing an unexpected crisis, and if they are seeking support as a last resort resource.

Please note that Emergency Funds are technically considered financial aid and we are required to consider student Cost of Attendance and Estimated Family Contributions for the academic year. If there is no room in your financial aid budget, we do our best to find/make room, but not every student is qualified for Emergency Aid under these circumstances.