On-Campus Support

Zen Den

The Zen Den is a safe sleep program that offers students a space to rest on campus. Early morning Zen Dens cater especially to students who are sleeping in vehicles or are experiencing other housing insecurity situations. The Zen Den is a partnership between Health Promotion & Wellness, Mashouf Wellness Center and Student Health Services.

The Legal Resource Center

The Legal Resource Center educates and empowers students by providing them with current and accurate information regarding their rights when confronted with legal troubles including landlord/tenant issues.

Gator Crisis Housing

Gator Crisis Housing is a program of SF State's Basic Needs Initiatives that provides eligible students experiencing a temporary and unexpected housing emergency with a short-term stay on campus. 

Hubs & Lounges

San Francisco State University is currently in the process of launching Basic Needs Hubs & Lounges. Please check back in Spring 2020 for more details and program launch date.