Zen Den

*** Zen Den is currently suspended until further notice.***

Zen Den

The Zen Den is your one stop shop to catch some Zzzs while on campus. Each Zen Den provides space conducive to rest and is equipped with sleep stations, dim lighting, blankets, pillows and sleep kits.  

Early morning Zen Dens cater especially to students who are sleeping in vehicles or experiencing housing insecurity.

Zen Den is a partnership between Food+Shelter+Success, Mashouf Wellness Center and Student Health Services.

SF State Nap Map

The SF State Nap Map is a guide to a variety of nap spots on the SF State campus brought to you by Health Promotion & Wellness! Nap spots are ranked based on comfort, noise level, lighting, privacy, traffic, cleanliness and safety.  Click on a nap spot to learn more!

Snooze Tips:

- Limit your nap to 20-30 minutes as it will boost your alertness

- Set an alarm to wake up

- Nap in the late morning or early afternoon

For more information about healthy napping and SF State's Health Promotion & Wellness department, please visit https://wellness.sfsu.edu/sleep