Housing Stability

General Resources

For on-campus resources, visit the following websites:

Call 211 or visit their website for information on community resources including emergency housing and housing assistance in the Bay Area.

Airbnb offers short term or longer term rentals available in most areas. This can be helpful for those needing temporary housing or are in transition. 

This website lets you find roommates and rooms for rent in your area. Not exclusive to students.

Eligibility: 18+

Check out this resource for general information and guidance on the process of renting off campus and with roommates.

Craigslist is a site where people can post available rentals and rental needs filtered by price and area. NEVER send money, security deposits or personal information like your social security number via email, online or by phone without meeting someone in person and vetting their listing is real.

For more information on avoiding scams, visit Craigslist's Avoiding Scams page.

Different Colored Houses Lined Up