Providing Assistance to Housing Solutions (PATHS)

Are you currently unhoused, or at risk of losing your housing? PATHS assists SF State students with working towards housing stabilization by providing resources, support, and guidance.

Two students standing in a Gator Crisis Housing unit

What Does PATHS Offer

PATHS assists students who are at imminent risk for losing their housing explore solutions to keep them in their current housing, or identify new housing solutions. 

Housing navigation services are reserved for students experiencing homelessness, or who are at imminent risk for homelessness. Students who need general housing search support are encouraged to explore these renting resources and connect with the Dean-on-Call program.

PATHS may be able to assist students who are facing an imminent threat of losing their housing with homelessness prevention funds. Rental assistance is accessible on an emergency basis only, eligibility requirements apply.

Gator Crisis Housing provides short-term housing solutions for students who are experiencing an unexpected housing crisis, while they work to stabilize their housing.

Rapid rehousing helps unhoused students secure housing, regardless of their initial ability to pay rent. Students enrolled in the rapid rehousing program receive intensive housing case management and financial assistance to pay rent for 6-12 months.

The Rapid Rehousing program is funded by California Assembly Bill 74 and provided through a local partnership LYRIC and 3rd Street Youth Services. Eligibility and application process required for program enrollment.


Please complete the PATHS Support Form and a staff member will reach out to you.

Do you have keys to your own home or apartment? If not, you may be considered homeless.

Homelessness is defined as lacking fixed, regular, and adequate housing. You may be homeless if:

  • You are couch-surfing or temporarily living with other people because you have nowhere else to go
  • You are living/sleeping in a vehicle, RV, or car
  • You are living/sleeping in a motel, hotel, shelters, or campgrounds
  • You are living/sleeping outside in parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations, or similar settings
  • You are being forced from your home due to violence

PATHS can support students who are experiencing homelessness, or who are at imminent risk of losing their housing, which would result in homelessness.

Imminent risk examples include facing eviction, cannot pay rent, cannot renew a lease, being kicked-out, natural disaster, housing is no longer available, etc.

If you are at risk of losing your housing, we encourage you to reach out.

Locating housing is an expected task when preparing to attend college. PATHS resources are reserved for students experiencing homelessness, or who are at imminent risk for homelessness. PATHS is unable to provide general off-campus housing assistance for students who may be moving to the Bay Area to attend school.

If you are not experiencing housing insecurity we encourage you to explore these renting resources and connect with the Dean-on-Call program for general support.

Please visit our Renting Resources page.

The Mashouf Wellness Center (MWC) is committed to providing shower access for students who rely on the facility to attend to personal hygiene. For current hours, visit Shower Access at SF State.

Call 211 United Way Bay Area

Visit their website for information on community resources including emergency housing and housing assistance in the Bay Area.

Emergency Shelter

Episcopal Community Services-Problem Solving Services

Episcopal Community Services helps explore your resources to identify potential housing arrangements. 


  • Housing assessments for city-funded housing
  • Family reunification
  • Mediation
  • Move-in assistance


  • Must be homeless for at least one night in the last 7.  This includes couch surfing, sleeping in a car, transitional housing, homeless shelter or in an unsafe housing situation.
  • ECS can offer assistance to help get into housing in SF or other communities

Limitations: ECS does not provide case management, help looking for housing, or referrals to housing

Phone: (415) 487-3300 x 7000


  • 123 10th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
  • 2111 Jennings Street, San Francisco, CA 94124